A Tiny update!

Posting will be light (-er than usual) this week on account of the Thanksgiving holiday!  Before I went silent, however, I wanted to announce a bit of good news: the cat Tiny that my wife and I have been fostering has been adopted!  We took a three-hour drive on Sunday to drop off Tiny with Brian and Tara Malow, aka @sciencecomedian and @artnmuzic!  Tara saw the description and photos of Tiny in my blog post and immediately fell in love with him.

Tiny, for his part, immediately fell in love with Brian and Tara!  When we brought him into their home, he immediately seemed comfortable and set about exploring.  Tara reported this morning on his progress:

Tiny is doing well! He slept out in the couch himself again last night, but came in to sleep between us for about an hour around five am.

When we got up, he was sitting by the back door avidly watching the squirrel and bird activity — he’s already got a favorite spot there.

He’s extraordinarily affectionate! When we get up he meows and does the leg rub and then head butts us for a scratching. We thought at first he just hungry, but he ignores breakfast (for a few minutes) in favor of petting! 🙂:)

He’s eating the food you brought as well as a little partially raw poultry (surface cooked to kill bacteria). He is CRAZY for chicken! Liver too (we eat liver once a week or two, so he’ll get a little now and then).

So far, so good! He’s fitting right in. He spends all his time curled up next to/on top of one or the other of us, only sleeping at night on his own. What a sweetie. We adore him!!

Here’s a picture I took of the new family while we were there:

Beth and I are delighted that Tiny found a great home, and I’m sure he, Brian and Tara will be very happy together!

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