Light “tying itself in knots,” at Aeon Magazine

Those who are familiar with my blog know that one of my fields of specialty is so-called “singular optics,” the study of the behavior of light in regions where the light intensity is zero and the phase is singular.  I’ve blogged about it a number of times; see, for instance, here and here.

The singularities of light form lines in three-dimensional space, and these lines can actually get tangled up, forming knots and braids in a light beam!  Yesterday, I was sent a link to a nice article in Aeon Magazine introducing the concepts of singular optics and optical knots.

It’s a nice article, and worth taking a look at!

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1 Response to Light “tying itself in knots,” at Aeon Magazine

  1. arthurunwin says:

    The article states” light is a electrical wave” .Why? A plate capacitor transforms EM to pure DC
    a charge in a loss less distribution line. Using meta material I use this aproach as a loss less distribution line as the impedance is constant.Adding a multi plate capacitor which is now a
    dielectric slab plate wave guide we have shown that light is absent of a wave. I have used this set up for years as a loss less RF for particle radiation which directly refutes Maxwell’s assertion that magnetism is a essential part of radiation..If Yagi had ignored Maxwell he would have used capacitive coupling where all elements are in close proximitry to each other and made of a diamagnetic material, which is a repeat of a dielectric slab wave guide and multi slot RF radiator.
    What does it take for all to let go the duality theorem so that we can use the loss less distribution
    grid as the answer to room temperature super conductivity when there are so many uses awaiting in the wings?

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