The Kaye effect after dark!

I’ve talked in some detail before about the Kaye effect, in which a shear-thinning fluid such as shampoo or liquid soap can be made to “bounce.”  Well, I did one final experiment with the Kaye effect, in order to show that the shampoo can be used as a light guide, as was demonstrated in 2006 by a Dutch research group.

My video result is posted below: nearly 3 glorious minutes of a cascading stream of shampoo with light glowing from within!  I was never able to get a truly stable Kaye stream, but the effect is almost more fun with the stream erratically bouncing.

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2 Responses to The Kaye effect after dark!

  1. Filipe Alves Morais says:

    Some effects are amazing in thin substrates. I had researched selfimaging in thin glasses where light split in regular distances. Near wavelength all kind of “strange” things occur.

  2. ColonelFazackerley says:

    Looks great. A fine choice of music.

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