The Open Laboratory 2013 is out!

While I was at ScienceOnline 2014 last week, I received some great news: the 2013 edition of “The Open Laboratory,” an anthology of the “best science writing online,” was published! It is available as an e-book from The Creativist, and it includes my blog post on “The Barkhausen Effect” as one of the entries!

It really is a great collection, and I feel proud to have made it in once again, especially in light of the company I keep there, which includes Deborah Blum, Jennifer Ouellette, Maggie Koerth-Barker, Christie Wilcox, Melanie Tannenbaum, Jason Goldman, Krystal D’Costa, Blake Stacey and many more!  The full list of authors and articles can be read at this blog post, and the collection can be ordered through The Creativist at this link.

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