One more anecdote about Kathleen Lonsdale

My last post hardly scratched the surface of Kathleen Lonsdale’s amazing life & career. Before moving on to other topics, I can’t help but share one more cool story about her from her biographical memoir, which incidentally is free to read online after a free registration.  I have noted that Lonsdale was an anti-war activist, and that she traveled the world in her lifetime both for work and activism.  From the memoir:

In no country that she visited did she receive a more moving welcome than in Japan.  She found when she arrived that so many flowers had been sent to her they filled every room in the small hotel in which she was staying.  She discovered that it had been reported in the papers that she had gone to prison rather than work on the atomic bomb.  This incorrect statement naturally worried her.  She immediately had the report corrected saying that, of course, she would have gone to prison rather than work on the atomic bomb, but nobody had, in fact, asked her to do so.  The result of this announcement was that more flowers came in than ever.  They had to be stood in buckets all down the street.

And with that, I’ll leave Kathleen Lonsdale alone and move on to other topics!

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