Dead Reckonings #17 is available!

For those who are interested in reading analyses of the latest in horror literature and cinema, I’m happy to announce that Dead Reckonings No. 17 is now available!



It includes articles by some of the best writers and scholars of the horror field… and also includes articles by me!

I somehow forgot to mention on this blog that I also had an article in Dead Reckonings No. 16, which came out some months ago.  This has been a really delightful opportunity for me: I could hardly imagine that my writing (albeit literary criticism!) would appear alongside such remarkable folks such as Ramsey Campbell and S.T. Joshi.  I would like to thank editor June Pulliam for the opportunity!

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4 Responses to Dead Reckonings #17 is available!

  1. June M Pulliam says:

    Thanks for posting this Greg!

    June Pulliam Senior Instructor, English Women’s and Gender Studies Film and Media Arts Dead Reckonings: A Review Magazine for the Horror Field, Editor Monstrous Bodies: Feminine Power in Young Adult Horror Fiction Encyclopedia of the Zombie: The Walking Dead in Popular Culture and Myth


  2. mikemonaco says:

    Congratulations. I always enjoy the lit crit here.

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