Dead Reckonings #18 is available!

For those who are interested in reading thoughtful analyses of the latest tales of horror in literature and cinema, issue 18 of Dead Reckonings is now out!


The newest edition includes reviews and commentary by some of the best authors and scholars in the horror field, including S.T. Joshi and Ramsey Campbell.  As always, editor June Pulliam has put together a fantastic collection.

This issue again includes several pieces by me: 3 reviews of new horror fiction, and a reprint of a retrospective I wrote about Ramsey Campbell’s work… which, since he will get copies of this issue, he will probably read. *gulp*

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1 Response to Dead Reckonings #18 is available!

  1. deuce says:

    Congrats! I’m sure Ramsey will take it in stride. He seems a fine fellow. We REH/Solomon Kane fans need to stick together. Glad to see your blog is rolling along (I haven’t checked in a few months). :sheepish:

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