New skydiving camera helmet!

After about six months off, I’ve finally gotten back into the air… into freefall, that is!  I haven’t been jumping for a while thanks to a combination of reasons, probably in large part to wanting to work on my singular optics textbook on the weekend.  Now the book draft is done, so I’m getting back into having fun!

This weekend, I also tested out my new full-face helmet for skydiving, complete with a camera mount for a GoPro.  I did two jumps, and below is the full video of those two jumps.  Since these are the first videos I’ve taken myself (with the exception of my helicopter jumps a while back, using a chest mount), I included the full canopy ride and landing.  In later videos, I’ll just include the freefall.

I’ll post more videos in the future here, provided they are of sufficient interest!

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