Falling Felines Photo Fundraiser update!

Just a quick update here, for those who haven’t been following my GoFundMe page: I’ve made great progress in raising the funds for the photo rights so far — with over 2/3rd covered!  I’ve been quite obsessed with getting the book draft finished and the photographs acquired, so my energy has been focused away from the blog here for a little while.

If you want, though, you can read my updates on the GoFundMe page (donations not required to read them, but appreciated!). I’m sharing trivia about the book, the photos being purchased, as well as some sections that I wrote that didn’t make it into the final draft.

Please take a look, and help me spread the word! Finally nearing the end of this really huge book effort.

Sophie brushing up on some string theory.

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1 Response to Falling Felines Photo Fundraiser update!

  1. kaleberg says:

    Wow! You can’t even look at a Gofundme proposal without an account. That’s impressive.

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