October reading: A Night in the Lonesome October

So I semi-regularly blog about books on this site, and my usual strategy is to read the book and then write a blog post about it.

For October, I’m going to be a little different! Over the month, I’m going to read Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October (1993), and I encourage y’all to read along!

This book is special because it is divided into 31 chapters, each representing one day of October, plus an introductory chapter. By tradition, or even intent by Zelazny, people have taken to reading the book over the month, one chapter per day, in sync with the book.

Since this is a once-a-year opportunity, I thought I would encourage people to join in on the reading! I’ll blog my final thoughts about the book at the end of the month, and folks can share their thoughts, and will probably also tweet some thoughts over the course of October.

Join me in this odd Halloween experience! This book is one of Zelazny’s personal top five, of all the book he wrote.

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4 Responses to October reading: A Night in the Lonesome October

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  2. Wow it’s nice that it has 31 chapters for each day of October.

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