A few more Falling Felines bits of news!

If you’re still not tired of Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics news, yesterday was a good day for new posts, which I thought I’d compile here, along with some earlier stuff I forgot to share!

The Curiosity Daily Podcast interviewed me late last year, and that interview went up yesterday! You can listen to the podcast here.

I wrote a blog post for BBC Science Focus giving an introduction to the science and history of falling felines, a bit of a “Cliff Notes” for the book, and it also appeared yesterday. You can read it here!

I somehow neglected to share this cool interview that my friend Jennifer Ouellette did with me about the book that appeared on Christmas Day, which you can read here!

It’s a small thing, but my longtime friend and colleague Scott Carney, when he announced the end of my term as an editor for the Journal of the Optical Society of America A, gave my book a shoutout!

I also did an early morning interview on Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio show about the book, but I don’t know if it is saved online — will investigate further…

Finally, I should mention that I will be doing my first “official” book event on Thursday, January 16th, at Park Road Books in Charlotte! I’m planning to read a bit from the book, sign copies, and try and demonstrate cat-turning techniques using an ice-skating spinner, so it should be an entertaining time if you’re in Charlotte or Charlotte-adjacent!  The event starts at 7:00 pm.

I had to take a screencap for myself!

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