Fake Book Titles Extravaganza #3!

Time for another round of Fake Book Titles that I’ve done, compiled from twitter!  You can see compilation 1 and compilation 2 at the links. These have proven to be a welcome distraction in stressful times. And, wow, I’ve done a lot since part 2!

As always with these, content warning for language, innuendo, and politics!

Original title: The Caves of Mars.

Original title: En El Centro de La Terra (Spanish version of At the Earth’s Core.) I wasn’t sure if the figure on the cover was a man or a woman, so I went with a general description of private parts.

Original title: The Sword Woman. (A little Ariana Grande reference here.)

Original title: The Story of Alexander Graham Bell.

Original title: MARUNE: Alastor 933. I’ve had this idea for a long time, but needed to perfect my photoshop skills to replace the original title.

Original title: Battle For the Stars. I released this on the day the Rise of Skywalker trailer came out. Turns out I would’ve preferred this movie.

Original title: The Cunningham Equations.

Original title: The Story of Walt Disney.

Original title: Beauty and the Beast.

Original title: Art of the Deal. One day, it occurred to me: why not do fake biography titles, too?

Original title: Elon Musk.

Original title: Destiny of Kings. Dungeons and Dragons modules have pretty fun covers, sometimes.

Original title: Starfinder. This one is similar to one I did previously, but that dude’s expression permits no other interpretation.

Original title: The Castle of Llyr.

Original title: Chrome. I spent way too much time finding a font that matched the original font well.

Original title: Satan’s Child.

Original title: Sleeping Beauty.

Original title: The Third Eye.

Original title: Judgment on Janus.

Original title: Emotional Conflict.

Original title: The Rakehells of Heaven.

Original title: Fearless and Faithful.

Original title: War of Darkness.

Original title: Pillsbury’s Meat Cookbook. Then I thought: why not do cookbooks?

Original title: Pilgrimage.

Original title: Sonnavind.

Original title: The Incredulist.

Original title: Conan and the Prophecy.

Original title: Undying World. Oh, Richard Blade…

Original title: Calling All Girls.

Original title: A Wizard of Earthsea.

Original title: Great Civilisations: Greece. This is one of my recent favorites.

Original title: The More the Merrier. She doesn’t look merry.

Original title: Easy as Pie.

Original title: The Bottom of the Bottle.

Original title: Deadwood.

Daaaamn I did a LOT of these since my last post! Okay, that’s it for this round — will be back soonish with more fake book titles!

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4 Responses to Fake Book Titles Extravaganza #3!

  1. tref says:

    Hilarious! You should showcase just the ones you did.

  2. tref says:

    Oh, then, bravo!

  3. astrostevo says:

    LOL! Some classics there. Thanks! 🙂

    PS. Reminds me of this clip – have you seen it already?

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