“Invisibility” has a cover and a release date!

Of course, my publisher never tells me these things, but the cover for my next popular science book, on the history and physics of invisibility, has been made public and the book has a release date!

It was a challenge to come up with a cover for a book on things that are literally not to be seen, but the art department at Yale University Press did a great job, I think! (I suggested a little revision to the cover to make it more appealing, so of course I think it looks great.)

The book is already available for pre-order at Amazon, and has a release date of April 11, 2023. When it comes closer to that date, I’ll encourage (pester) people to pre-order to see if we can get some buzz going about this fun topic!

Incidentally, the original title was going to simply be “How Not To Be Seen,” which I thought would be fun, but the marketing department felt that people might miss the whole point of the book, so “Invisibility” became the main title, and “how not to be seen” became part of the subtitle.

Very excited about this! This book will not only tell the history of invisibility, but will explain the history of optical science along the way. The history of invisibility is tied up intimately with light itself.

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1 Response to “Invisibility” has a cover and a release date!

  1. Phil H says:

    All those bubbles … this is begging for an entry in Fake Book titles … “I farted in the spa” / “Failed Invisibility”.

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