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Foster kitty Tiny!

I’ve been rather overwhelmed with work, travel, and sick cats lately, so I haven’t had the time or energy to write significant science blog posts — this will change soon!  In the meantime, I thought I’d ask people to spread … Continue reading

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Spiders and the electric light (1887)

(Digging through my archive of historical papers for short topics to blog about while I’m away on business.) In the modern era, we are very conscious of the impact of humanity on nature — even though we are often very … Continue reading

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My day as a shark biologist!

(Alternate title: The old physicist and the sea) One of the wonderful things about being active in science communication is that you get to meet very interesting people who are involved in a variety of fascinating research activities.  If you … Continue reading

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Foster kitten update!

I thought I would do an update on the status of the momma cat and her five kittens that we’ve been fostering!  We’re now at the seventh week of age, and the kittens are really tiny versions of cats at … Continue reading

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Foster kittens in the house!

While I’m working on my next physics/optics blog post (I keep taking on challenging topics that require lots of research), I thought I’d share some pictures of our newest houseguests: momma kitty Snuggles and her five newborn baby kittens!  Here … Continue reading

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Cats, cats, cats!

I’m struggling to get a new optics post going for the blog; I’ve got a number of possibilities I’m exploring, but it will likely take a few days to get it going.  In the meantime, I realized I haven’t done … Continue reading

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Martin Cruz Smith’s Nightwing

It can take an author many years of writing to establish their own unique voice and style.  Their early works are often a fascinating “what if” scenario, giving a glimpse of directions a well-known novelist may have alternatively taken.  The … Continue reading

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