A sign of the decline of western civilization

It’s a common observation amongst the liberal blogosphere that the media in the U.S. doesn’t do a terribly good job, and dumbs down things excessively.

So I’m watching 60 Minutes tonight, and they have a segment about New York City’s fight to require chain restaurants (particularly fast food) to put the calories of each item explicitly on the menu, so diners know exactly how much they’re getting.  Personally, I find that very reasonable.  After some discussion about how many fast food chains are fighting this requirement, they turn to Subway, which is voluntarily adding the calories to the menu.  BUT, the reporter says, the numbers only reflect the calories of a six-inch sub.  If I want to know the calories intake for a foot-long sub, and I quote, “I’d have to double the number — in my head!”

The reporter was apparently speaking seriously and sincerely.  I laughed for a good minute, until I started to cough.

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3 Responses to A sign of the decline of western civilization

  1. Personal Demon says:

    It is not nice to laugh at the mentally handicapped.

  2. babs67 says:

    I happen to like 60 minutes and force Dr. Skullstars to watch it when he is over on Sunday evenings. Unfortunately, they feel the need to over emphasize their commentary and questioning of guests to make sure the viewers “get it”. It’s better than most of the other crap out there though.

  3. babs67: I don’t mean to single out 60 minutes or suggest that it’s worse than any other news show; quite the opposite. It’s depressing when you see that the reasonably good shows are dumbing down the content to an absurd level. This may have been an isolated case of a rather slow-witted reporter doing the segment.

    PD: The only thing I’ve seen that seems more insulting to one’s intelligence than the ‘in your head’ comment was a sign at a Service Merchandise, years ago, in the lamp department: “Caution: Light bulbs are hot! Do not touch!”

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