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A few (small) bits of happy political news

Two little things happened on the political front today that give some faint hope that the country hasn’t degraded completely into a torture-loving big-brother kleptocracy:  Senator Chris Dodd managed to push off via filibuster threat the Senate vote to give … Continue reading

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An old, sad story of torture

Through Hullabaloo, I was reminded of an amazing and incredibly tragic correspondence from Germany in the year 1628. Burgomaster Johannes Junius was tried and convicted of witchcraft, and eventually burned at the stake for these crimes. Before his execution, however, … Continue reading

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A sign of the decline of western civilization

It’s a common observation amongst the liberal blogosphere that the media in the U.S. doesn’t do a terribly good job, and dumbs down things excessively. So I’m watching 60 Minutes tonight, and they have a segment about New York City’s … Continue reading

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Democratic profiles in courage: the Mukasey confirmation

Sarcasm doesn’t translate well to text, so let me say it right out: I’m being sarcastic.  Michael Mukasey, the controversial attorney general candidate who refused to classify waterboarding as torture, was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday.  Let’s allow Democratic … Continue reading

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Freedom: It doesn’t mean what Bush thinks it means

Okay, this is simply a bit of a rant, but I can’t help myself.  Yesterday, Bush held a press conference with the French president.  On being asked about the situation in Iraq, and a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops, … Continue reading

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