Happy Birthday to Bruce Campbell!!!

It would be terribly uncool of me to not acknowledge the birthday today of one of the coolest actors who has ever lived: Bruce Campbell!

If you don’t know Bruce Campbell, you really should: he is probably most remembered for his role as the heroic but clueless Ash in Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness. The latter two of these films are two of the best horror/comedy films ever made, and Campbell’s skills are a large part of their success. (Note: the audio commentary for Evil Dead II, with Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and friends is hilarious.)

Bruce has also taken a leading role in the cool but short-lived series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. As a good friend of Sam Raimi’s, he’s made cameos in numerous Raimi flicks, including all three Spider-Man films. Currently, Bruce has a major role in the uber-cool spy show, Burn Notice.

Oh, goodness! I almost forgot about his really well-played role as an aging Elvis Presley in the utterly unique horror film, Bubba Ho-tep. The plot centers around Elvis in his senior years at an old-folks’ home, having switched places with an impersonator decades before. He gradually comes to realize that an Egyptian mummy is lurking in the home, sucking out the souls of the residents. With the help of a man who claims to be JFK, he plans to do battle with the undead fiend.

Bruce has also shown his talents in other endeavors, as well. His autobiography, If Chins Could Kill, is both hilarious and fascinating in its descriptions of the inner-workings of ‘B’ Hollywood. His autobiographical novel, Make Love (The Bruce Campbell Way), elaborates on these themes. He also produced and directed a short documentary, Fanalysis, which studies the world of fan conventions.

I can’t say enough about how much I love Campbell’s work, so I’ll just end with another, “Happy Birthday”!


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3 Responses to Happy Birthday to Bruce Campbell!!!

  1. Markk says:

    He was also a thief character in the Hercules series with Kevin Sorbo. I was surprised at seeing him there.

  2. Markk wrote: “I was surprised at seeing him there.”

    Thanks for the comment! It’s not quite so surprising when you find out that Sam Raimi had a hand in producing the early TV movies of Herc, along with Rob Tapert, another early ‘Evil Dead’ alumnus. It’s also worth mentioning, now that I’ve taken another look, that Bruce also directed seven episodes of “Hercules”.

  3. ecoli says:

    I’ll always love his appearances in Xena the best.

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