DIEHL research grant services blog!

Just a short note today — I’ve been meaning to draw people’s attention to a recent blog started by my friend and colleague Damon Diehl, who has started a business providing grant-writing assistance.  As a researcher in optical science for some fifteen years, as well as spending many of those years applying for business and research grants, he is well-qualified to help folks put their ideas forward in the best possible light!

The blog itself is still new, but will cover topics on science, technology, and the government grant system.  For instance, check out this post from last month on some of the more unusual weird scientific projects that are open for proposals!

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2 Responses to DIEHL research grant services blog!

  1. Damon Diehl says:

    Hey, thanks for the plug! I was wondering why I had so many hits on the page today. Sort of an unfortunate coincidence: my designer is tweaking the website CSS template today, so things might get a bit bumpy. (For example my blogroll is currently disabled, so no links back to here!)

  2. Damon Diehl says:

    Oh, and the closest thing I have to an “optics” article right now is one on Kodak’s new laser-based cinema projector. I don’t (and can’t) go into the technical details in the article, but as you can imagine there is some very clever physics and engineering involved in turning a laser’s spatial and temporal coherence “off” so that it doesn’t speckle.

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