Weird science facts, June 29 — July 05

Been a crazy week and a holiday week, but the Twitter #weirdscifacts just keep on coming!

473. June 29: In 1897, J.J. Thomson introduced the electron as a particle; in the 1920s, his son G.P. helped prove the electron is a wave!  Both men received the Nobel Prize for their respective achievements.

474. June 30: Water boatman insect sings at 99db by rubbing its penis against its abdomen!  If you’re wondering how loud that is, it is a sound level comparable to a passing subway train.  (h/t @nialldeacon)

475. July 01: Global warming leading to unusual bear love? Grizzly-polar bear hybrid! (h/t @drugmonkeyblog)  I fully expect to see a Syfy channel original movie “Polgrizz”, about a killer Grizzly-polar bear hybrid terrorizing a resort community.

476. July 02: The golden eagle hunts goats larger than itself, and other animals, by dropping them off a cliff

477. July 03: Saccharin, discovered in 1879 when a chemist ate lunch but forgot to wash his hands before. Bad lab procedure, but a huge discovery!

478. July 04: Cosmic rays, first discovered on the top of the Eiffel Tower!  (My recent Scientific American post!)

479. July 05: Papuan weevil has screw-in legs!  That’s not an exaggeration — the weevil has a screw-and-nut style joint socket!  (via @physorg_com)

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2 Responses to Weird science facts, June 29 — July 05

  1. Good thing that’s an aquatic bug, otherwise the friction might make its wang burst into flames!

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