Weird science facts, July 27 — August 2

Time for your weekly dose of weird, courtesy of my Twitter #weirdscifacts!

501. July 27: Sand tiger shark: only shark known to adjust its buoyancy by burping! I don’t know about you, but I never thought to put the words “shark” and “burp” together.  (h/t @aliholden @natlaquarium)

502. July 28: Animating the dead — with soy sauce? A great explanation of a rather macabre Japanese delicacy, written by @NerdyChristie.

503. July 29: 1848: An execution, a painter, a hypnotist, and a question of whether a decapitated head remains aware.  The seems to have been a recurring interest in the physiological effects of decapitation through the 1700s and 1800s.

504. July 30: Drs using find man’s odd speech is Cockney slang not schiozophrenia.  h/t @discoveryplace

505. July 31: Infinity is weird… even in infinity mirrors!  Here I indulge in a little self-promotion, linking again to my post on the area and width of images in an infinity mirror.

506. Aug 01: Yesterday was anniversary of the worst shark attack in history — USS Indianapolis. The Indianapolis is known to most people because of the eerie description of the event by the shark hunter Quint in “Jaws”.  h/t @hectocotyli

507. Aug 02: Imagine if you could hear your own eyeballs moving – all the time.  (h/t @_ColinS_ and @laurenonizzle)

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