Weird science facts, February 1 — February 7


690. Feb 01: Atolla wyvillei, the deep-sea jelly that use bioluminescence to “scream” for help when attacked!  Bioluminescence is used in many different ways in the ocean, but the most unusual is perhaps this jelly’s strategy!  When attacked, it flashes frantically, hoping to draw a predator that will eat its attacker.

691. Feb 02: Case of hypothermic man, 2 hours in cardiac arrest, resuscitated, no neuro deficits.  We are used to the idea that a person has minutes, at most, to live when their heart stops.  When “preserved” at low temperature, however, people can survive extended periods with no circulation, and still come out with no lasting neurological damage. (h/t @msbellows)

692. Feb 03: Butterflies want to drink your blood, sweat & tears. (Post by @maggiekb1)

693. Feb 04: The saga of M.L. Humason, who went from mule skinner & janitor to observational astronomer!  (via @brx0)

694. Feb 05: Many owls have asymmetric ear size & placement, allowing better prey location. (This fact was posted in honor of #SuperbOwlFacts!)

695. Feb 06: The world’s oldest living organism lives in the Mediterranean.  (h/t @jacquelyngill)

696. Feb 07: The sex-changing frog, the chemical company, and the trash-talking scientist.  (via @motherjones)

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2 Responses to Weird science facts, February 1 — February 7

  1. I didn’t know this, but Humason got a honorary doctorate here [Sweden], at Lund University. Seems he was much appreciated!

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