8-year blogiversary!

Just a short note: August 14th marked the 8-year anniversary of my first post on this blog!

My first post, on August 14th, 2007, was titled “Educate or bust,” and that still kind of exemplifies what I’m trying to do here on Skulls in the Stars.  You can read that original post here.

Things will be quiet for a few more days, as the new semester is starting and I’ve got some work deadlines coming up, but expect more science and weird fiction goodness soon!

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2 Responses to 8-year blogiversary!

  1. Came across your fascinating blog while I was looking up occult detectives a while ago, and now realise that the entry I started with was from 2008! I just wanted to say that this is an excellent site, and I’d be pleased if you want to visit me at greydogtales.com – another dual purpose blog, but you’ll have to excuse the fact that it covers both lurchers and occult fiction. An obvious coupling, all agree. Regards anyway.

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