Optical rogue waves at American Scientist!

Been quite busy lately, but I wrote a blog post on recent research on rogue waves, the rare killers of the sea, at American Scientist, which appeared this week!  A snippet:

Until these discoveries, such rogues were thought to be so incredibly rare as to never be encountered. Now they are recognized as a genuine threat to ocean-going vessels, and perhaps one of the leading causes of ships being lost to Davy Jones’s Locker. But what causes them? There are a number of factors that are thought to possibly contribute to their formation, but it is unclear how important each of these factors is. Unfortunately, studying such waves in their natural environment is simply not possible, due to their relative rarity and unpredictable appearance.

Read the whole thing at American Scientist, and thanks to them for giving me the chance to blog there!

(More from me at this blog in the near future!)

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