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Help Laird Barron cover medical costs!

Just a short note here to help bring attention to a GoFundMe for brilliant horror and thriller author Laird Barron, who has been hospitalized with a severe illness. I’ve talked about Barron’s work quite often on this blog, and have … Continue reading

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How anti-vaccination is like a nuclear bomb

Update: tweaked the descriptions of nuclear physics to be a little more specific. I’m not sure that anything fills me with despair more than the trend of parents refusing to vaccinate their children. A couple of weeks ago, an article … Continue reading

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The New York Times on celiac disease

Via my postdoc advisor (who has been suggesting enough good stuff lately that I should probably just turn the blog over to him), The New York Times has posted a very nice article on living with celiac disease, “The Expense … Continue reading

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“Depression” isn’t just feeling bad

There’s been a healthy amount of discussion on the science blogs over the past few days about clinical depression, spurred on in large part by questions from aspiring academics concerning the best way to address the impact of their illness … Continue reading

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Invasion of the gluten-lacers!

I never thought I’d be happy to be diagnosed with a disease. I’ve teased my fiancĂ©e for some time for having a similar attitude. She has had chronic, misdiagnosed medical problems for quite a few years. Her frustration is palpable, … Continue reading

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