Help Laird Barron cover medical costs!

Just a short note here to help bring attention to a GoFundMe for brilliant horror and thriller author Laird Barron, who has been hospitalized with a severe illness.

I’ve talked about Barron’s work quite often on this blog, and have been Twitter friends with him for a number of years — he is a great person and an amazing writer. His story The Redfield Girls, set in the real-life creepy setting of Lake Crescent, inspired me to blog about that lake’s history some years ago.

As someone who supports himself entirely through his writing and living in the United States, he is without health insurance and will therefore have to cover his medical expenses out of pocket.

The horror community has already rallied and contributed an impressive amount to his medical expenses, but more is needed, so if you’re able, please consider supporting the fundraiser for him.

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