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Fusion man goes flying, or: How about them jetpacks, eh?

It would be quite remiss of me not to comment on the cool video of Swiss pilot Yves Rossy, aka “Fusion Man”, and his remarkable jet-powered wing.  There’s a YouTube video associated with the news story which, although it’s in … Continue reading

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How high can you fall from?

My friend Personal Demon tipped me off to a potentially historic skydiving event that will be happening in roughly 17 days; Michel Fournier of France will attempt to break the record for the highest freefall.  Ascending in a pressurized capsule … Continue reading

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Skydiving again, finally!

I finally managed to make a couple of skydives this weekend, after about a six-week hiatus.  My undesired “break” from the sport was a combination of bad weather on the weekends at home and travel on the others.  In celebration … Continue reading

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Skydiving ‘Free for All’: A speedstar jump

I broke out another of my skydiving videos to post on YouTube the other day. This one, below the fold, is what is known as a “speedstar”. Most formation skydives are meticulously planned to be “slot perfect”: that is, every … Continue reading

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A major falling-out with some of my friends…

Alas, I fear I must report that I recently had a major falling-out with some of my friends. We have these sort of events all the time, but this time I managed to catch it on video, which is after … Continue reading

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I’m doomed…

I’m not sure what to make of this xkcd comic; after all, I’m active in 3 of these categories, including the top one, and I do take a lot of elevators…

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The beginnings of ice skating…

Okay, one more post tonight (I’m really bored).  I stumbled across a fascinating article (h/t Pigspittle, Ohio) about the oldest human-powered means of transport: ice skates made of bone.  Apparently ice skating may have started in about 3000 BC in … Continue reading

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Mythbusters missed a few!

I just finished watching the new episode of Mythbusters, in which they investigate a famous scene from the movie Point Break: Patrick Swayze leaps from a plane at 4000 feet, and Keanu Reeves hems and haws for fifteen seconds before … Continue reading

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