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Larry Blamire’s Tales of the Callamo Mountains

One of the things I love about using Twitter is the opportunity to connect with people whose work I admire, from writers to scientists to artists to actors to musicians.  Those connections can then lead you to new “discoveries” that … Continue reading

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What did Robert E. Howard think of women?

In reading classic weird fiction of the 1930s an earlier, one must always keep in mind that the authors were a product of their time.  Racism and sexism are sadly common in reading older stories, and the depiction of negative … Continue reading

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A. Merritt’s The Ship of Ishtar

(I’ve been working on a particularly difficult science post for a week now, and the end is still a ways off.  In the meantime, I thought I’d catch up a little on my weird fiction posts.) Author A. Merritt (1884-1943) … Continue reading

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Robert E. Howard’s El Borak

Finally, I’ve gotten to read some new Robert E. Howard!  Well, not new — Robert E. Howard committed suicide in 1936 — but new to me, anyway! For those who are unfamiliar, Robert E. Howard (1906-1936) was a Texas author … Continue reading

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“The Wicker Tree?” (Updated)

This one was an immediate WTF moment for me: Robin Hardy, the writer/director of the original version of the film The Wicker Man (1973), is “reimagining” his film as The Wicker Tree, slated for release sometime this year: For those … Continue reading

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Henry Kuttner’s Thunder Jim Wade

Any time I see a book with Henry Kuttner‘s name on it, I pay attention —  Kuttner was a masterful author who wrote some true classics of science fiction and fantasy, including one of my favorite stories of all time, … Continue reading

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A. Merritt’s Dwellers in the Mirage

Abraham Merritt (1888-1943) was one of the greats of pulp fiction, although up until recently his work was largely forgotten.  Recently, two of his novels were reprinted, The Moon Pool (1919) and The Metal Monster (1920), both of which I’ve … Continue reading

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