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Bad news for my girlfriend

Sorry, sweetie: a concerned viewer asked Pat Robertson whether yoga has its origins in evil.  Well, bad news: by repeating yoga mantras you’re praying to pantheistic gods and are apparently engaging in ‘spooky’ activities, though Robertson doesn’t go so far … Continue reading

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Cyrus Teed and the inside-out Earth

There’s some skepticism in the blogosphere, over the recent discussion of geocentrists and now, apparently, flat-earthers, that these web sites and trolls must be joking.  Nobody could possibly believe such simple-minded tripe in our modern, rational world, could they? All … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, the universe really does revolve around the Earth (not)

After you’ve read some of the science blogs for long enough, you start to think that there isn’t any amount of crackpottery that can surprise you. For instance, reading Good Math, Bad Math will expose you to an endless amount … Continue reading

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