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While the Black Stars Burn, by Lucy A. Snyder

Though it has been almost a century since H.P. Lovecraft essentially invented and championed the genre of cosmic horror, it remains an incredibly popular source of inspiration for writers.  I suspect this is the case because authors have taken Lovecraft’s … Continue reading

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Twitter Weird Science Facts, Volume 2

Continuing to post a #weirdscifacts a day on Twitter; here’s the latest summary since my last posting! 16. (January 16). Project A119, when the US almost nuked the Moon to boost domestic morale.  The Cold War was a really scary time, … Continue reading

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Beautiful equations of math and physics: my picks

A few days ago, the BBC introduced a series of posts in which they asked mathematicians and physicists to share their favorite equations.  It’s a fun list, and the original post can be found here. One of the equations selected … Continue reading

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The return of the “Weird science facts!”

Those who have been around this blog for a while will remember that I did a two year nonstop marathon of “weird science facts” (hashtag #weirdscifacts), with at least one fact a day.  It got pretty darn hard to keep it up … Continue reading

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1801: Fraunhofer gets research funding in the worst possible way

It is rather unsettling to think that scientific careers are often made by simple luck.  For example, eventual Nobel Prize winner Albert Michelson (1852-1931) only got an education thanks to the literal last-minute intervention of none other than the President … Continue reading

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Emmie Mears’ Storm in a Teacup

It’s a new year, and time to get back on the blogging train! (It is a train, right?  I am so bad with metaphors these days.)  Some time back, I realized that I was definitely not reading enough fiction by … Continue reading

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Spoiler-filled Star Wars thoughts and open discussion thread

So — I saw it last night.  It was amazing.  In fact, I saw it just in time, as this tweet of mine indicates: Left theater, walked by little kid blurting out MAJOR movie spoiler. Saw the film JUST IN … Continue reading

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