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Dr. SkySkull’s Monday Cavalcade of Interesting Science Stuff – September 15, 2014

While I’m working on more detailed blog posts, here’s a collection of interesting science-related stuff I came across over the past week! Buddhist singing bowls inspire new tandem solar cell design. A surprising amount of optics design is inspired by … Continue reading

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Dr. SkySkull’s Monday Cavalcade of Interesting Science Stuff – September 8, 2014

In order to make my blogging a little more regular, I thought I would start doing a weekly roundup of interesting science-based posts from around the internet! Also, there’s so much good stuff out there that should be shared.  With … Continue reading

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Physics demonstrations: Faraday disk

I’m prepping a new course to teach this semester: undergraduate Electromagnetism II!  I’m trying to put together some nice simple demos to illustrate principles in the class, and I’ll blog some of those that work and are interesting. When Michael … Continue reading

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7 years of blogging!

I’ve been rather busy with my academic duties lately and haven’t had much time to update my blog with new science and fiction posts.  Because of this, I almost completely missed the fact that August 14th marked the 7th anniversary … Continue reading

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Fred Hoyle’s “The Black Cloud”

I am utterly fascinated by active scientists who also write fiction, particularly science fiction.  There have been more of them than the average person realizes, including physicist Robert W. Wood, who co-wrote The Man Who Rocked the Earth (1915) and The Moon-Maker … Continue reading

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Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods

Let me say this immediately: Emily Carroll’s work is amazing.  Her work first came to my attention, as it did for many people, through an io9 post describing some of the best horror webcomics available.  The post included a link … Continue reading

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H.G. Wells’ stories about BUGS

Update: Added one more Wells bug story! This short post is something of a public service.  Earlier today I saw some tweets from film critic Scott Weinberg referencing an urban legend related to the very silly 1977 Bert I. Gordon film Empire … Continue reading

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