Exciting film projects which may never get made…

Here’s an interesting tidbit for Robert E. Howard fans: an animated film version of the Conan story Red Nails is in production.  I stumbled across the web site for it a few weeks ago, and it looks like it is aiming to be a truly faithful adaptation of the original story.  To get really excited about it, just look at the cast, and in particular who’s been chosen for the voice of Conan.  (This actor would probably be a great choice to play Conan in a live-action movie, except that he probably couldn’t muster up the full mane of black hair any more.)

The only problem?  The film has been in production for quite a long time and it’s unclear if production has been halted or not.  The movie blog, which was supposed to be updated every two weeks, hasn’t been updated since June.  Here’s hoping it gets released — it would be nice to see a proper depiction of the barbarian, which doesn’t depict him as a steroid-addled buffoon or part of a ‘Conan and friends’ ensemble.

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