Monday catblogging… ’cause I just got the cat!

Well, I broke down and adopted a kitty this weekend!  Not the one hanging out on my doorstep, who disappeared for a number of days and reappeared being fed by one of the neighbors (but who reappeared at my doorstep last night, just as I brought the new kitty home).

My girlfriend sneakily convinced me to visit the local animal shelter, knowing full well that I wouldn’t be able to leave without bringing home one of those poor, sweet cats.  We looked at a few kittens, but then a 1 year old female caught our eye.  When we took her into the interaction room, she curled up happily on each of our laps, and my heart broke.  A bit over an hour later, I was taking her home.

She’s incredibly sweet and loving!  We’ve tentatively named her Zoe (‘Zoey’), and she made herself right at home in my place.   She spent the night curled up in bed with us and was feeling happy enough to chase a toy around this morning.  Here’s a couple of pictures of her, getting some well-deserved loving from the girlfriend:

It’s not easy to tell from these pictures, but Zoe has the most beautiful green eyes.  I’ll try and get better pictures of them for a future catblogging event…

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8 Responses to Monday catblogging… ’cause I just got the cat!

  1. babs67 says:

    Just for the record, there was nothing sneaky about my attempts to get him to the shelter! I was quite direct about it – it was time for him to get a cat of his own.

    But back to Zoe – she has to be one of the most loving and docile cats I have ever seen in my life. She is gentle, sweet and just gorgeous. She made herself right at home in Dr. Skullstar’s lap all evening. I was feeling a bit jealous! And while I still love my two bad kitties, I always have room for one more – especially this little girl!

  2. You’re not sneaky? You neglected to mention your attempts to slip little Zoe in your bag this morning as you headed to work! 🙂

  3. babs67 says:

    I just wanted to add that anyone that is interested in adopting should really visit their local shelter. The animals – especially the cats – that we encountered there were all healthy, sweet and full of personality. While we were there, four other kitties – both kittens and adult cats were able to go home with a new family. The statistics for the number of animals that are put down every year is disheartening so it is always nice to see that some of them are able to find a loving home.

  4. babs67 says:

    Zoe wanted to go with me! I swear! As much as it broke my incredibly liberal heart, I had to tell her “no”.

  5. Nullifidian says:

    What an adorable cat! I have a wonderful black and white one, the last of a long lineage that started when a neighbor moved away leaving five pregnant female cats, who naturally all gave birth within weeks of one another. For a six month weaning period, the largest room in my house was turned over to the kittens.

    Horror, physics, cats…. If you keep this up, I might just have to add this place to my bookmarks. 😉

  6. Nullifidian wrote: “What an adorable cat!”

    She’s a real charmer, all right! I ended up working on my NaNoWriMo project last night with a pillow on my lap and sweet Zoe curled up on the pillow. Within a few minutes, I was typing with a small kitty head resting on my wrist, and she was purring away.

    Five pregnant female cats?! I can’t even imagine handling that – I’m stressing enough making sure Zoe has everything she needs. You deserve a lot of credit for managing such a situation!

  7. bOB says:

    My cat looks just like that!

  8. bOB: Really? Do you know the breed? I’ve been thinking it’s Norwegian forest cat, but I’m by no means certain, and I’m curious…

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