“Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics” Presentation!

For the new student convocation at UNCC this year, I was asked to give a “Thinking Matters” presentation for the new freshmen, in which I talk about some sort of interesting topic to, well, get the students thinking and excited about learning.  I decided to give a talk on the physics of falling cats, as I’ve blogged about many times here.

The good news: my talk was recorded by the university!  The video can be watched below, for those who are interested.  It’s a combination of physics, history, and cats.

Mine was one of only two talks that were selected to be recorded this year, in part due to logistical challenges.  The other is by my chemistry colleague Michael Walter, and can be watched below.

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1 Response to “Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics” Presentation!

  1. So detailed. I love the subject on harnessing the sun’s energy. It is so interesting. Check out my blog, I have just posted a page on the start of time. Hope you enjoy it.

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