Jasmine: Journey Into Power coloring book

I haven’t been blogging much lately, because *gestures hands at everything* but I wanted to give a shoutout and a boost to a friend’s work today!

If you’ve been following for a while, you may remember that not too long ago I met Darlene, a very talented artist who was one of the early fantasy artists for TSR; one of her most famous works was the fantasy comic Jasmine which ran in Dragon Magazine for 12 issues starting in issue 37. (I have a physical copy of that issue now, which features Darlene’s artwork of Jasmine on the cover.)

After the comic ended, Darlene created a really fun and clever card game, Jasmine: Battle for the Mid-Realm Collector Card Game, which I had the good fortune to learn how to play from her in person (she lives not too far from me).

Since then, we’ve been keeping in touch, and I wanted to spread the word that Darlene has been creating new Jasmine content!  The story of Jasmine, ended too soon in Dragon, is being continued on Patreon, and recently Darlene released a Jasmine coloring book, Jasmine: Journey Into Power, which is available in pdf form through DriveThruRPG and in print form here!

The coloring book is a fun and thoughtful exercise, which encourages readers to use coloring as a means to reflect upon your own life and struggles, coloring with intent and using the choices you make in your art to think about your own life choices.  I find it a fascinating and compelling idea, and one which I don’t believe I’ve seen before!

I encourage folks to check out Darlene’s coloring book, Patreon and website!  And as a reminder, you can still get original 1982 copies of the Collector’s Card Game directly from Darlene.

Okay, more blogging to come asap…

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