Fake Book Titles Extravaganza #4!

Time for another round of Fake Book Titles that I’ve done, compiled from twitter!  You can see compilation 1, compilation 2 and compilation 3 at the links. Been struggling a bit more with inspiration the past few months, but let’s see how I did…

As always with these, content warning for language, innuendo, and politics!

Original title: The Eyes of Sarsis.

The classics never get old:

Original title: The Odyssey.

This one next will (hopefully) make no sense at all a year from now, but right now everyone will probably immediately get it.

Original title: A Planet of Your Own.

Original title: The Bowman Test.

Original title: Odyssey.

The next one is one of my recent favorites.

Original title: Hag’s Nook.

Sometimes one of the people on the cover just reminds you of someone…

Original title: The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches.

Original title: The Secret of the Marauder Satellite.

Original title: Slick on the Draw.

Recent events have found their way into my fake book titles…

Original title: Compliments of a Fiend.

Original title: Crisis in 2140.

Original title: Vision of Doom.

Original title: King’s Quest.

Okay, more fake book titles another day, after I’ve collected enough new ones!

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1 Response to Fake Book Titles Extravaganza #4!

  1. JimM says:

    I’ve actually read a few of these–which is not yet prosecutable, right?
    Including the one by Keith Laumer, which looks more like Dinosaur Beach, so I was assuming the the Classic Comic actual title somehow got repeated, but as I write this it occurs to me Laumer did write one titled Galactic Odyssey — so I’m wrong and you’re right again! Curse you, drskyskull!!

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