Fake Book Titles Extravaganza, Part 5!

Time for another round of Fake Book Titles that I’ve done, compiled from twitter!  You can see compilation 1compilation 2compilation 3 and compilation 4 at the links. It’s been a while since I compiled these, so there’s a lot to catch up on…

Original title: “To Please the Doctor.” Honestly almost as bad as my selection.

Endless Quest books are an endless source of entertainment.

Original title: Duel of the Masters
Original title: Who cares? Fuck that guy.

Another fake title that I wish was no longer understandable.

Original title: Carnival of Lust

Lots of vintage books look a lot creepier these days than they were intended.

Original title: The See and Do Book of Boxes Cartons and Containers

Jokes about clueless teenagers never get old.

Original title: Road to Romance
Original title: First the Good News

This one is one of my favorites of all time.

Original title: The Central Questions of Philosophy

I saw this cover, and considering H.P. Lovecraft was a big ol’ racist, I knew immediately what I needed to do.

Original title: The Lurking Fear

Vintage romance novel covers are always pretty good for these.

Original title: Sea Lightning

To further prove my observation:

Original title: The Strange Quest of Nurse Anne

I had this cover sitting around forever and was just deciding on the perfect title.

Original title: Tiger Eyes

Soooo many vintage covers can be interpreted as mansplaining.

Original title: Doctor’s Daughter

Another topical one. I enjoy getting the fonts to match the originals as much as possible.

Original title: Daddy’s Little Girl

Perspectives on a lot of these old covers were not great.

Original title: Battling Buckaroos
Original title: Beware the Beasts

This next one is one I’m especially proud of.

Original title: The Timber Tramps

Sometimes I may go too far.

Original title: The Mystery of the Invisible Dog

Three Investigators books are also very good fodder.

Original title: The Mystery of the Scar-Faced Beggar
Original title: The Mystery of the Talking Skull

This next one is basically a callback to a much earlier fake book title.

Original title: A Quiet Place

This is another book cover that I had floating around forever before I figured out the perfect title.

Original title: None But Man
Original title: Blood of Tarrian
Original title: Blood Legacy

Another reliable source of covers: Blade novels!

Original title: Return to Kaldak

I hate this guy so much I ended up doing two of his awful book:

Original title: Again, who cares?
Original title: Darkness Weaves

This is another one that took me forever to do… but this time because it took me a long time to find a font I liked.

Original title: Terror on Duncan Island

Admit it: the helmet is strikingly similar.

Original title: Sin in Space

Okay I’m not proud.

Original title: The Serpent

Did I mention that old craft books often look incredibly creepy?

Original title: The Big Book of Soft Toys
Original title: Hawkmistress!

Whew! That was a lot! Okay, I’m all caught up, until the next Extravaganza!

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1 Response to Fake Book Titles Extravaganza, Part 5!

  1. sopantooth says:

    Sexy Gollum will be in the LOTR re-boot/re-make/revival for sure

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