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“The Wicker Tree?” (Updated)

This one was an immediate WTF moment for me: Robin Hardy, the writer/director of the original version of the film The Wicker Man (1973), is “reimagining” his film as The Wicker Tree, slated for release sometime this year: For those … Continue reading

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Captain America has a tradition of social commentary

If you haven’t seen it yet, the most recent issue of the Marvel Comics series  Captain America has drawn the ire of teabaggers because of its negative portrayal of them.  Via Yahoo news, Since 1941, Captain America has been one … Continue reading

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Mythbusters were scooped — by 130 years! (Finger in the barrel)

During my first evening in San Antonio, I sequestered myself in my hotel room to polish up my presentation.  Fortunately, there was a Mythbusters marathon on the Discovery Channel at that time, so I was able to keep myself marginally … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to Bill Nighy!

Even as busy as I am, I can’t resist taking a moment to wish happy birthday to one of the coolest actors out there, in my humble opinion: Bill Nighy! Nighy has been acting since the late 1970s, though he … Continue reading

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Richard Garriott on Ultima V

(I’m still working hard on my book!  I’ll throw a few posts out here and there as I find the time.) As a follow-up to my post on “videogames as art“, I decided to buy “The Official Book of Ultima“, … Continue reading

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Video games as art: My favorite games that are more than just ‘point and shoot’

The other night, I stayed up way past my bedtime playing the finale of the video game DragonAge: Origins, the recently released fantasy role-playing game (RPG) by BioWare.  Though the game had a lot of technical limitations that drove me … Continue reading

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Horror writers on horror films, from Focus Features

A few days ago, I got a nice email from, the film culture website of film company Focus Features (A Serious Man, Brokeback Mountain, Coraline).  For Halloween, they asked five horror writers to each list their five favorite horror … Continue reading

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