Fake Book Titles Extravaganza, Part 6!

It’s been a while since I compiled my fake book title posts from Twitter, so it’s time to do so again!  You can see compilation 1compilation 2compilation 3compilation 4 and compilation 5 at the links. 

For those who don’t recall, this is a weird little activity I got into with my Twitter pal @bhaal_spawn a few years ago, and we just keep going! We find odd vintage book covers and give them humorous alternate titles, or at least try to. So let’s go…

Original title: Dungeon of Dread.

This next one became one of my all-time favorites.

Original title: The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids.

I’ve started moving into adding fake captions to vintage sci-fi magazine covers, because they’re too damn funny.

Original cover stories: The Invisible Robinhood, Revolt of the Robots.

This one I realized afterward is pretty similar to an earlier one I did, but if the shoe fits…

Original title: The Nebulon Horror.

Cats, gotta love ’em, eh?

Original title: The Green Millennium.

Occasionally you find a book cover sooooo perfect…

Original title: Fury.

Here’s one I’m particularly proud of.

Original title: Venus Plus X.

It’s kinda rare that I encounter multiple editions of the same book that merit the fake book title treatment.

Original title: Venus Plus X.

This next one is a rare fake book title where I thought of the title and then scrambled to find a book cover that would work. Thank you, Sweet Valley High!

Original title: Secrets.

One of those magazine covers that immediately spoke to me.

Original cover story: He’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll Superman!
Original title: The Best of Isaac Asimov.

I had this next cover sitting in my library for probably years before I suddenly thought of something that amused me.

Original title: There Will Be Time.

Sometimes, a facial expression is all I need for a title.

Original title: Adventures Outlined.

I’m still kinda amazed that they were able to get away with the image on this next book cover.

Original title: Wheel-World.

Almost caught up…

Original title: Lamarchos.

Sometimes I impress myself with how well I can remove the original title while keeping the background.

Original title: Agent of the Unknown.
Original title: First Cycle.

I could probably have done this same joke with a lot of gothic romance covers, but this is the first one that it really struck me.

Original title: Call of Glengarron.

And for our grand finale for this edition, which is appropriate considering Twitter might have collapsed before I do more covers:

Original title: The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Well, that’s it for this edition! The next edition might be “Fake Book Titles on Mastodon!”

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1 Response to Fake Book Titles Extravaganza, Part 6!

  1. sopantooth says:

    I mean, I don’t know what else to do when confronted with a giant space ball

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