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Weird science facts, May 23-June 05

The Twitter #weirdscifacts from May 23 – June 05 are below the fold! Advertisements

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Weird science facts, May 9-May 22

The Twitter #weirdscifacts from May 9 – May 22 are below the fold!

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Streets of the optical scientists!

This post is a repost of some proto-blogging I did on my department web page when I was a post-doc in Amsterdam.  The web page is gone, now, so I thought I’d revise the essay significantly for the blog here. … Continue reading

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Alan Hirshfeld's The Electric Life of Michael Faraday

In my blogging on the history of science, I tend to focus on the details of classic experiments — the how, why, and what of scientific history — and don’t dwell as much on “who” actually does the work.  The … Continue reading

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Weird science facts, April 25-May 8

The Twitter #weirdscifacts from April 25 – May 8 are below the fold!

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Tolman goes silly for similitude! (1914)

This post is for the special “fools, failures and frauds” edition of The Giant’s Shoulders. The early 20th century was clearly an exciting time to be a physicist. In 1905, Einstein published his special theory of relativity, radically revising human … Continue reading

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Weird science facts, April 11-April 24

The Twitter #weirdscifacts from April 11 – April 24 are below the fold!

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