Fake Book Titles Extravaganza, Part 7!

It’s time to compile all my fake book titles from social media again!  You can see compilation 1compilation 2compilation 3compilation 4compilation 5 and compilation 6 at the links. 

Somehow, @bhaal_spawn and I just keep doing these… and have been for years now! Without further ado, let’s begin. This first one was inspired by the takeover of Twitter by a certain person who has only made this cover more prophetic as time passes…

Original title: The Attack of the Giant Baby

There’s something about old children’s books that makes them incredibly creepy on their own.

Original title: Let’s Make Puppets

I’ve been hunting for new genres of books that have suggestively silly covers recently.

Original title: Vintage Physique

PulpLibrarian on Twitter has been an excellent source of weird covers, though I try not to lean too heavily on them for inspiration!

Original title: Heroic Comics

Sweet Valley High books are almost always good for some weirdness.

Original title; Heartbreaker
Original title: Contraband Rocket

Holiday books are often hard to track down, but when you find a good one, they’re pretty darn entertaining!

Original title: The Night Before Christmas

Ted Cruz announced that he has a new book coming out soon, so I took the opportunity to defile the cover in advance.

Original title: Unwoke

I take a certain delight in making wholesome innocent books into twisted monstrosities.

Original title: Lead on Love

Did I mention that Sweet Valley is great for fakery?

Original title: Best Friends

I feel least guilty when I’m mocking covers that are pretty blatantly racist.

Original title: Ray Ellis in the Green Mandarin Mystery

This one is *chef’s kiss* for me.

Original title: Mists of Dawn

And this next one is now one of my all-time favorites!

Original title: Warriors of Noomas

This one was a book I’ve actually read, and suddenly the title became really obvious to me.

Original title: The Sea Demons

We wrap up this extravaganza with one that’s completely over the top! Expect more science fiction magazine covers to make an appearance.

Original title: Wonder Stories

Okay, I’ll wrap it up here for the edition! More soon, I hope!

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