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I saw Steve Carell way back when… I think…

My mind, in particular my memory, often works in bizarre ways, especially when it comes to film and television.   I’ve regularly identified movies and television shows that I’ve never even seen from a split second clip during the flip of … Continue reading

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Karl Marx to get his own show on MSNBC

Just announced earlier today on Olbermann’s show: Philosopher, political economist, historian, sociologist, humanist, political theorist, and revolutionary  Karl Marx joins MSNBC as host of “Karl’s Komments,” premiering on Monday, April 6. “Karl’s Komments” will air weekdays, 6-7 p.m. ET. The … Continue reading

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University of Chicago undergraduates vs. Westboro Baptist!

I did my undergraduate work at the University of Chicago, and though I can vouch for the fact that we all took ourselves way too seriously in general, it turns out the kids there now are okay!  The homophobic Westboro … Continue reading

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Is it worse, or better, than a creationist on the school board?

Once again the folks at The Onion have demonstrated their satirical genius!  They ‘report’ on an Arkham, MA school board member who is pushing to add the unspeakable, sanity-shattering dark arts to the curriculum: “Fools!” said West, his clenched fist … Continue reading

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Bush finally gets that monument in Iraq!

Well, right-wing pundits were convinced that Iraqis would be so grateful to Bush for liberating their country that they’d construct statues and name streets after him.  It’s taken some time, but finally a monument related to Bush has shown up … Continue reading

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Nazi zombies threaten Austin, TX!

… at least that’s what a pair of electronic road signs warned drivers on Wednesday: Station KXAN in Austin has the details.  Apparently a group of enterprising prankster hackers changed the messages on the road signs to warn of a … Continue reading

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More travel…

I’m heading out of town again today, for a work-related meeting.  I’m not enthusiastic, especially after the catastrophe which was my return trip from the holidays. With that in mind, I see that Tom Tomorrow has relinked to one of … Continue reading

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A Patrick Swayze Christmas, by MST3K

I’ve got to continue the holiday tradition I started last Christmas; I therefore present, “A Patrick Swayze Christmas”: In the spirit of the season, I offer sincere best wishes and ‘get well soon’ to Patrick Swayze, who has been fighting … Continue reading

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Holiday cards for ‘geeks’

I’m still in holiday mode and not in scienceblogging mode, but I’ll hopefully be back in the swing of things next week.  In the meantime, via Americablog, I present ‘Christmas and holiday cards for geeks‘.  A sample:

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The perfect metaphor for the D’s response to Lieberman

Of course, we’re all familiar with how boldly the Democrats stood up to Joe Lieberman, the man who campaigned not only for the Republican presidential candidate but also numerous down-ticket Republicans.  In the end, the Democrats welcomed him back with … Continue reading

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