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George Gabriel Stokes in love! (1857)

Been very busy the past few weeks with work, house buying and selling, and life in general.  Catching back up on blog posts; here’s a bit of sweetness connected to a prominent physicist. With the weather finally turning nice at … Continue reading

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In which I engage in mathematical silliness…

There’s been a silly trigonometric pun going around on Google+ the past week involving Bill Cosby.  Having seen it enough times, I’ve decided to fight back with my own: I would like to apologize in advance; you may now return … Continue reading

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The universe ripped me off!

Yesterday, Dr. Matthew Francis (of the very interesting and worth-checking-out physics blog Galileo’s Pendulum) pointed me to NASA’s astronomy picture of the day, Arp 272, which consists of two colliding galaxies (center and upper right) with a third likely interacting … Continue reading

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Mock the Movie: Mega Python vs. Gatoroid!

I’ve been quite busy at work today, but it would be remiss of me not to mention another Twitter Mock the Movie event planned for tonight, in which we will Twitter mock SyFy’s very own Mega Python vs. Gatoroid! The … Continue reading

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Twitter “Mock the Movie” tonight: The Sands of Oblivion!

Following in the tradition of MST3k, tonight I’ll be participating in “Mock the Movie”, a new Twitter event that involves watching a lousy sci-fi movie and ridiculing it live on Twitter!  To quote from JAYFK: Smart-ass science fiction fans love … Continue reading

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A very silly David Brooks meme…

The other day, a photograph appeared on the internet(s) of conservative pundit David Brooks striking a ridiculously enthusiastic pose.  The picture in question: Joshua Green, senior editor at The Atlantic, thought this picture was meme-worthy, and solicited creative uses of Brooks’ … Continue reading

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The oldest LOLcat?

While researching another science post, I came across the following image: The image is from The Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine, vol. 1 (1898-1899), at the end of the introduction to the magazine by Alfred C. Harmsworth.  This seems to be … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

We arrived in Chicago on the 23rd, just ahead of a nice ice storm.  Things were a bit of a mess afterwards, but very pretty: Merry Christmas to those celebrating, and happy holidays to everyone else! As my usual Yuletide … Continue reading

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It’s confirmed; my cats are trying to kill me

I never believed it when people told me that their cats are trying to kill them.  Well, I never believed it until last night.  The wife and I were watching television, and I got up to make some popcorn.  While … Continue reading

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DougJ of Balloon Juice won the internets yesterday!

I don’t usually like making short posts without adding much substance, but I couldn’t let this one go by. DougJ of Balloon Juice wrote yesterday about people’s desire to see Dick Cheney actually run for President in 2012. His choice … Continue reading

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